Why Don’t We Say ‘You’re Welcome’ Anymore?

Why Don’t We Say ‘You’re Welcome’ Anymore?

Inside the rise of “no problem,” “no worries” and so on.
In recent years, "you're welcome" seems to have gone out of favor, replaced by "no problem," "no worries" or "uh huh."

In recent years, “you’re welcome” seems to have gone out of favor, replaced by “no problem,” “no worries” or “uh huh.”

“No problem!” “No worries!” “Anytime!” “Of course!” “Sure thing!” “Uh huh!”

These are some of the many ways people commonly respond to “thank you.” But what happened to the classic “you’re welcome”?

Over the years, American etiquette experts, baby boomers and writers have lamented the apparent decline in the use of the phrase “you’re welcome” in everyday conversation.

But the reasons for the decline do not necessarily come from a place of rudeness, nor is “you’re welcome” simply another thing that millennials are bent on “killing.” In some ways, it comes from a desire to be more considerate.

“I think people worry that with ‘you’re welcome,’ it’s an expectation that this person should have thanked you and they did in fact do the right thing,” Emily Post’s great-granddaughter Lizzie Post, co-host of the Emily Post Institute’s “Awesome Etiquette” podcast, told HuffPost. “People feel that it’s less humble. ‘You’re welcome’ also gets a snarky rep from time to time.”

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